Client: Alice’s Kids,

Problem: Redesign the brand identity system for a local non-profit dedicated to helping impoverished children through small monetary donations. The logo should be simple enough to be used in conjunction with a picture of the organization's namesake, and should maintain a subdued tone.

Solution: Drawing on the small scale and humble nature of the non-profit, as well as the board's insistence on using the aforementioned photograph whenever possible, I forewent any type of symbol or icon and instead designed a simple word mark using a quiet serif typeface. Black, white, and gray were chosen for their traditional qualities, as well as ease of printing, and a deep maroon was incorporated as a secondary color in order to maintain some continuity between the new designs and the former aesthetic. Bright colors and refined graphics were avoided in order to maintain the grassroots feeling of the organization, and dispel any corporate connotations that might hinder local donations. The deteriorating photograph was rescanned and edited for large-scale use. The new brand identity was applied to stationery, including business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, and also incorporated into the non-profit's website redesign. Using my basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I designed, hand-coded, and deployed the current website.