Client: WETA Public Television, www.weta.org

Problem: Under the supervision and constraints of the creative director, design a variety of promotional materials for WETA television programming.

Solution #1: For one of my projects, I was asked to produce online publicity materials for the station's musical show, In Performance at the White House. Using the live performance's color palette and soulful music as inspiration, I designed a web banner and small digital ads in complimentary purple tones to publicize the the program and its Gospel-centric episodes.

Solution #2: For another project, I was tasked with producing a full-size newspaper ad that publicized the variety of WETA's television programming, as well as thanked viewers and sponsors for their continued support. I produced a film strip illustration that accommodates screen titles of WETA's major programs. *The ad seen here is not the final version that went to print, but rather a preliminary design.*

Solution #3: For the 2015 PBS Annual Meeting, I was asked to design a promotional brochure for the various television programs produced by news personality Skip Gates. Drawing on the anchor's most popular program, Finding Your Roots, and the historical focus of his other shows, I designed an oversized tri-fold brochure with an aged aesthetic by sourcing antiquated paper textures and employing 'root'-like line artwork. *The brochure seen here never made it to print due to an event cancellation.*